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Need Packing Supplies?

Olds Mini Storage carries a wide range of packing supplies to make the most of every move to protect and to carry your belongings to your storage unit. If you are in need of something we don't carry, please ask, and we can help.

Commercial Storage

A cramped workspace can make it difficult to find what you need, distracting you from business at hand. Excess inventory, samples, supplies and paperwork tend to pile up quickly in small spaces, requiring extra effort to keep things organized. You may have considered renting additional commercial space or trying to squeeze more room in your home-based office, but we have cost effective, and efficient solution.

Storage for Businesses, use Olds Mini Storage :

Olds Mini Storage is the expert in business storage. We have the experience and solutions to solve any company’s storage needs. Our storage facilities and storage units provide the ultimate storage experience for your business, regardless of what industry you’re in.

Airdrie, Didsbury, Olds Commercial Storage
Our staff members strive to make your storage experience quick and convenient. They also offer helpful insight on how best to store your items. No long term commitments! Modern facilities kept clean and up to date.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your most sensitive materials are protected through multiple layers security, including monitored video surveillance, perimeter fencing.

Planning and Organization in your Self Storage Unit :

Planning in advance, can save you lots of dollars, when your business needs to profit. You may choose to have free standing shelving to organize your items, and a good practice is having your items readily accessible near the entrance for quick access if required.

Carring insurance for your possessions :

If you are a business owner, you may already have insurance that covers equipment and other items you’ll be storing in a self-storage unit. However, you may wish to consider investing in the insurance offered by the storage facility, as it provides good supplemental coverage for your items.

More Questions? Ask our storage professionals :

If you have more questions before deciding, we would love to answer every question we can, so you feel comfortable with your storage unit, not only for space, but for safety and security.  Rest assured, your contents are safe and secure. Ask one of our professionals, call or email, were here for you.