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Need Packing Supplies?

Olds Mini Storage carries a wide range of packing supplies to make the most of every move to protect and to carry your belongings to your storage unit. If you are in need of something we don't carry, please ask, and we can help.

Supply / Tips

Expert moving advice from the experts on self storage. Over the years we've learned a thing or two about packing, unpacking and getting organized for a big move. Everything from a relocation, office move or change of address checklist. Prepare like a pro with some great pointers below.

Packing Supplies Olds Mini Storage :

Having the right packing and moving supplies is the first step to ensure a stress-free move. Before moving in to your storage space, it’s worth a trip to a Olds Self Storage to pick up some packing supplies. Olds Self Storage offers a full line of high quality boxes and moving supplies for your one-stop shopping convenience. A knowledgeable and friendly Self Storage manager will be happy to help you choose the right items to make packing easy!

Airdrie, Didsbury, Olds Packing Supplies
Olds Mini Storage maintain a huge inventory of moving and packing boxes at our facility. A variety of sizes and purposes, from electronics to dishes to furniture! If we don't stock it, we can help you find what you need for your purpose.

We carry everything you need to make your move safe and easy. We carry bubble wrap, tape, furniture covers and more! Drop on by, and we can get you going so your move has the right things to make your trip safe, and packing time meaningful.

Moving Tips for Self Storage Users :

  • Leave a Walkway to the Rear of the Unit – this provides better accessibility to all your items.
  • Disassemble items such as bed frames to maximize space.
  • Place frequently used items near the door.
  • Fill containers to capacity. Partially full or bulging cartons may tip or collapse.
  • Store couches (except sofa beds) on end to maximize space.
  • Place fragile items near the top of the unit to prevent crushing.
  • Label your cartons and take home a list of the labeled cartons for easy reference.
  • Take full advantage of your space. Use the full height if possible. Shelving helps organize your space.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar and clean before storing. Use the space inside for storing other kitchen items.
  • Wrap mirrors and pictures with paper pads or use mirror boxes. Never store flat.

Packing Tips for your Olds, Didsbury, Innisfail, Red Deer Self Storage move :

  • Use strong, stackable boxes and containers.
  • Fill boxes completely to keep them from collapsing and damaging belongings.
  • Pack books and heavy items in small boxes for easier lifting.
  • Put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the light ones on top.
  • Purchase special boxes for dishes and fragile items.
  • Label each box on several sides and indicate if it is fragile and what room it should go in.
  • Disassemble furniture for easier moving and storage.
  • Take advantage of the tops of dressers and the like to stack boxes and other items.
  • Stand mattresses on end and break down bed frames.
  • All stored items should be clean of food stains and particles.
  • Save money and room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing; remember to fill the bottom of the wardrobe box with shoes, pillows, or other light items.
  • Protect furniture with shrink-wrap and blankets or pads to avoid damage.